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Message Circles

In a very safe, friendly, and upbeat environment, an evidential medium -- that's me! -- connects to loved ones in the Afterlife by introducing facts and other significant information. Circles can be held here in my home office or in your location; see the Pricing page for rate difference. If you've never seen a mediumship (also known as spirit communication) demonstration, check out a 7-min. video taken of me during a class with Rev. Janet Nohavec.

I begin each circle with a prayer and a request for everyone to say his or her first name. Then, using a combination of clairvoyance and clairsentience, I begin to translate for the individual spirit people who come to me. As an evidential medium my work focuses more on survival after death and a bit less about bringing messages in. Clients who meet with me individually or in groups can expect a guarantee that they will receive significant evidence of a recognizable loved one in spirit.

All message circles are recorded so my guests don't have to bother taking notes. The MP3 file is made available after the circle, usually within 24 hours.

To schedule a circle call Priscilla at 914-672-9741.

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