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Individual Readings

I offer three types of readings: Psychic, Mediumship (Spirit Communication), and Life-In-Perspective. To schedule any type of reading call Priscilla at 914-672-9741.

Psychic Readings
In order to give you the best, most accurate reading possible, I follow a procedure called psychometry. That particular technique involves contact with the client's energy, either by holding a piece of jewelry, looking at a photograph, listening to the voice, holding hands for a moment, or simply being in the person's proximity.

At the very beginning of our reading, I'll ask you to say your first name aloud. The sound of your voice makes it possible for me to connect with your energy through my sixth sense. Sixth sense information is not constrained by time or space, which is why it's possible using psychometry to not only read someone remotely (such as in a phone or Skype reading), but to look into that person's past or future. Once I've tuned in, I can answer your questions and give you information about persons close to you, living or dead.

It's always a good idea to come prepared with a few questions. I find that clients get a much more accurate and detailed reading if they do, because questions tend to stimulate a great deal of psychic impressions. Feel free to ask about life, health, relationships, career, relocation, past lives, spirit guides, or anything else that springs to mind. You're allowed to continue our dialogue during the reading, so if additional thoughts come up, please do ask! If additional impressions come to me outside the scope of your questions, I'll offer those as well.

Why are your questions so important? Because it gives me a path to trace into the future. It's like we're in a car together, you're driving, and I'm in the passenger seat with the road map. It's your car, you're in control: I'm just telling you the the most likely end result of whatever path you choose to take.

[Psychic readings are for entertainment only. All psychic readings are intended to offer insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any wa, constitute legal, financial, medical or professional advice. By engaging in a reading with any psychic, you understand that psychic experts do not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to death.]

Mediumship Readings (Spirit Communication)
A medium is the go-between or translator for two parties who may have difficulty communicating directly to each other. Like any translator, a medium's job is to pass information -- as she understands it -- from one language to another. Spirit people give me impressions in two ways: with a sense of feeling (clairsentience) and with subtle visual symbols (clairvoyance). Upon receiving those impressions my task is to translate them into words that make sense to the guests.

Spirit people impart these impressions by stirring up something in the medium's own experience. For example, if a spirit woman wants to show me her name is Alice, she prompts me to "see" my grandmother (whose name was Alice) in my mind's eye. If a spirit wants to define himself by saying he only spoke Greek, he has to show me a Greek flag or some other symbol of that country because I wouldn't understand him if he were speaking in that language. This is an important factor in managing your expectations for your reading. You might think your spirit connection isn't real if a medium doesn't say the one thing you have in mind that would unequivocally identify your deceased loved one. Just remember that if the medium hasn't had that experience, he or she won't be able to translate it for you. Take all the other evidence given as valid, even if you had one agreed-upon signal that doesn't come through.

As an evidential medium, I focus on presenting my guests with evidence that their loved ones are still alive, albeit in different, non-physical form. This includes names, relationships, cause of passing, acknowledgement of occurrences at deathbeds or funerals, and issues both great and small in my guests' current lives.

Because I do not know you personally, I do not know who is important to you in the spirit world. If you have a strong desire to connect with one person in particular, please be open to other spirit people coming in first, or alongside of, that special one. I let all of my guests know that we're nearing the end of our session so if you haven't gotten an important connection you can tell me.

After serving my clients as both a hypnotist and psychic for many years, I've seen a need for a blend of these services. As a hypnotist, I direct people to self-awareness and help them discover and use tools to create change; the client plays a more active role than I do. When I see clients for intuitive readings, I do all the talking!

Many of my clients have been asking for some combination of both of these services. They want to know which choices are most profitable for them, and they also want to know how to overcome blocks or limiting beliefs so that they confidently make those choices.
Make a "Life In Perspective" appointment and you can expect:

  • 1 hour of practical insight and advice
  • A new level of self-awareness regarding the choices that lay ahead
  • Sensible, real-life guidance that isn't full of New Age mumbo-jumbo (what the heck does that stuff mean, anyway?)
  • "Coaching" from your own Higher Knowing, from my psychic insight, and from logical science-based techniques for using your mind to overcome obstacles and create new patterns
  • A priceless service for $140!

Call or email to see if a Life In Perspective appointment is right for you.

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