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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give a reading as a gift?
Yes. Click here to read about purchasing and giving gift certificates.

Do I have to wait for a certain period of time after my loved one passes before visiting a medium?
Every Medium is different, so be sure to check. I prefer to have my clients wait at least three months after the passing of a dearly loved one. That way the experience for the client may make more sense. There are many unethical hoaxsters out there, and I personally feel that a person who is deeply grieving may not be able to make important decisions immediately after the death of a loved one.

Are phone readings the same quality as in-person?
YES, absolutely! There are many benefits to phone readings: no driving, no assumptions based on appearance, quicker scheduling, and convenience for all. Spirit people can go anywhere. It is 100% as effective as in person; also available are Skype, FaceTime, or Google+ appointments.

I'm interested in mediumship and I am looking for a teacher. Do you ever teach?
I frequently offer teleclasses and in-person classes. I also have a Live & Learn Guide which teaches psychic development. Join the mailing list and you'll be among the first to know when new classes or manuals are available!

How do you communicate with my loved ones?
I receive impressions from spirit people using the visual and feeling part of my sixth sense. These are called clairvoyance and clairsentience, respectively. I am not clairaudient -- I don't "hear" what the spirit people say. So if a spirit needs to give me his name, he shows me the face (in my mind's eye) of someone I recognize. It could be a celebrity, relative, friend, historical figure, or an inanimate object. I've seen a genie come out of Aladdin's lamp to be prompted to say the name "Jean" or "Gene." I've seen George Washington when the spirit wants me to say the name "George." Spirit people also give me the impression of feelings, usually connected to their cause of passing. I might feel as though I'm having a heart attack, have an illness, or feel the kind of despair that leads to suicide. It's important to remember that your loved ones are no longer feeling any physical or emotional distress. It's just an easy way for them to identify something about themselves.

What's the difference between a psychic and a medium? Are you both a psychic and a medium?
A psychic can taps into your energy to discover information about your past, present, and probabilities for the future by focusing on the impressions in her sixth sense. A medium also uses her sixth sense, but the information comes from spirit people rather than your own energy. Check out the Individual Readings page for a more in-depth discussion on the differences. As a medium, my job is to translate information and evidence from those in the Afterlife to those in the physical world. As a psychic, I do not give medical diagnosis or tell fortunes.

Can you guarantee a connection with a specific spirit person?
Your loved ones in spirit are just as eager to communicate with you as you are with them. I'm really acting as a translator. When you sit down with me for our session, I declare to the spirit people (who are also my clients) that I'm open for business. As I don't know who is most important among the dead for my client, I simply announce everyone who arrives from the other side. I can no more compel a spirit person to show up for an appointment than I can a physical person, however, if my physical client has not heard from a specific spirit by half-way through our reading, I will go looking. I ask for the first name only of that spirit. That isn't a guarantee either, but with a specific name to call out to, I almost always can bring him or her in. Frequently, unexpected spirits are an important part of the reading and must be validated; they can help connect me by acting as amplifiers or by acting as mediums on the other side, if the desired spirit cannot reach me specifically.. It is imperative to validate these souls and their messages to move on in the reading and connect with the one you want to communicate with. No ethical medium will ever guarantee who will come to communicate or what type of evidence they will give to identify themselves. You must come into the session with an open mind and heart, knowing that the souls who wish to communicate with you are there for an important reason.

I asked my loved one to say a specific word to you, so I'll know it was him, but you didn't say it. Why not?
Mediumship is communication with the goal of proving survival of the soul. Your loved one must work within the frame of reference and symbols the medium has, therefore, you may not get a specific validation you request from your loved one. That in NO WAY means your connection isn’t real.  Please accept the validations they are able to communicate. If your mom comes through showing a garden, I bet I can tell you exactly what was planted. If your dad comes through in a uniform I'll be able to recognize whether or not it's (U.S.) military, but I won't necessarily be able to tell you the branch of service or what rank he held. 

I have had poor readings by reputable mediums. Can you help me?
A medium with a good reputation and lots of positive reviews has earned that recognition by proving their ability to connect. It takes a medium many years, practice and great effort to earn that notoriety.  If you have had several disappointing experiences with reputable mediums, I would urge you to not book a reading with me. You may need to wait to hear from the souls of your loved ones for a variety of reasons. Some individuals must first work to heal their grief on a practical level. Signs of this include: trying to keep your loved one alive with too frequent readings, expecting them to predict the outcome of difficult circumstances, or tell you directly what to do with your life. The point of mediumship is to prove the existence of the conscious soul beyond the body. Once that has been proven to you, the reading is considered a success.

How often may I have a reading?
For psychic readings I recommend waiting at least three months between sessions. It's important to let time pass and for life to play out a bit. If however an entirely new topic needs clarity, clients are free to come sooner than three months. Mediumship readings are not time-bound as predictions are, so there is no limit to frequency. I would suggest that a similar period be self-imposed. Mediumship is such a wonderful way to know our loved ones are still with us, but take care that too-frequent sessions don't replace the grieving process. I have had clients come for repeated sessions, only to hear from their loved ones, "Why do you keep coming back? Go live your life!"

How long should I wait after a passing to book a session?
There is no set time to wait, though all mediums work differently. I ask my clients to wait at least three months, especially if the passing of a loved one has created a deep grief (such as a spouse, best friend, or child). The reason for this is that I'm aware from my own personal experience that when experiencing profound grief it can be hard to make rational decisions. There are many hoaxters out there who prey on vulnerable emotions, many fake "mediums" among them. For the ease of my client, my own reputation, and the image of professional mediums everywhere, I prefer my client have a little breathing room between a loved one's passing and his or her appointment.

What happens to suicides?
My experiences tell me that every suicide is in the same Heavenly Afterlife as all the other souls who have passed. I have never connected with anyone in spirit who was stuck or "in limbo.” There is no bar to Heavenly admittance; all are received.

Do you investigate hauntings, phenomena or negative entities?
No. I do not work with paranormal investigations, nor do I "read" or clear houses. Personally, I don't believe in hauntings or negative energy.

Do spirits ever pass on negative messages?
Never. If the person was a real grizzly bear when alive, he or she may give me that information by describing the personality, but when it comes to messages it's all about love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Do you ever receive communication from pets?
All the time! I've brought through cats, dogs, reptiles, pet birds, chickens, horses, ferrets, chincillas, and even a beloved lamb.

What should I expect in a private session?
The session begins when I take a quiet moment to invite your loved ones to come forth.  When I connect, the information starts coming in from your first contact. I set about identifying the communicator, describing their life situation, relationship to you, facts such as their name or initial, relevant months of birthdays/anniversaries, names of loved one in Spirit with them, or names of those they want to acknowledge who are still living. They usually share with me the condition of their passing, and other pieces of evidence that will be meaningful to you. They then give me evidence that proves they are still aware of you and your current situation. Finally, I bring forth the message, the reason they showed up to communicate.
When I open the line of communication, I can’t guarantee that you will hear from any specific person. If there is someone you really need to make contact with, they almost always show up, but perhaps not first. Frequently, Spirit will send in a communicator who is someone you haven’t thought of in a long time, just to prove to you that this is REAL, before allowing the gate to open with the one you really want to hear from.

During this entire process, I ask that you respond to me by saying “Yes, that is correct.”, or “No, I'm not sure." It is important that you allow me to bring forth the evidence and not give me any information. I only need to know your first name so I know how to address you respectfully. Please feel free to have a friend book your session and remain anonymous. I do sometimes get “stuck” in that the communicator will send me a feeling that I don’t understand.  At that point, I will tell you exactly what I am sensing and ask you if it makes sense to you.  If I give you a name, I am simply repeating what I hear, please tell me who the person named is so I can get the message correct.

I don't always get a name from the communicator. Sometimes it is just a letter or sound. (example, “I hear the name Doris or Dorothy”)  Other evidence of their personality, life situation or facts can prove their identity to you. I will not continue with a reading until I have provided enough evidence for you to know without a doubt, with whom you are communicating. I do not connect with "guides" or "ascended masters." Sessions are focused on evidence to prove the survival of the Soul, and believe me, they know enough about earthly life to "guide" you. 
Sessions do not include predictions or any type of medical diagnosis. Sometimes a Spirit communicator will suggest you take better care of your health, see a doctor, or express an opinion about a relationship you are in. Please keep in mind, this is their way of acknowledging they see what's going on currently.  You are always in control of your life and how you choose to live it.  If your loved ones didn’t have all the answers when they were alive, please don’t expect them to have them all now. A session should be for the purpose of healing grief and expanding your knowledge of our eternal connections.

If during the first 10 minutes of your reading, either one of us feels the connection is not being made, or can’t be validated, the reading will end and payment refunded. Beyond 10 minutes, the fee is considered non-refundable.

Please be open to communication with anyone connected to you in Spirit, including those who passed before you were born, relatives of your friends, distant relations and pets. Focusing on the one person you want to hear from will only impede the connection. It is essential to validate and move through all the Spirit people who may show up to say hello in order to get to the one you want to connect with. While you won't likely be hearing from Princess Diana, you could hear from your best friend's deceased father. Please be open to it. 

I will only bring in people who you can validate, so if a great-grandparent comes through who passed before you were born, s/he's only going to give you information that you know you have. Often such a spirit will give a name, relationship to you, and something specific such as a picture that you are aware of.

If you are ready to experience afterlife communication please visit the Work With Me page!

*thanks to Mollie Morningstar for some of the FAQs

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