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Sunday 3/3

Tap That Intuition!

Priscilla Keresey & Pritam Bani

Location details to come.

Sign up with a friend and you both get 10% off! ($112.50/person!)

Pritam Bani & Priscilla Keresey combine yoga and intuitve skills to heighten your natural ESP. This workshop is interactive: we will be using targeted, specific meditations and practical intuitive tools to enable everyone to explore and use their own psychic abilities. We’ll have multiple opportunities to experience ESP, telepathy, spirit communication or mediumship, and to get and give readings to each other. Bring pictures of loved ones both alive and in spirit.

MARCH 2019

Sat. - Sun.

Mediumship Development Class with Priscilla Keresey & Carla Blaha


Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 19th-20th

Putnam Valley Grange
28 Mill Street, Putnam Valley NY

Cost: $249.00/person
*Special offer: register a friend & you both get 10% off)

Registration required. For all levels!
To register, email or call 914-672-9741

Evidential Psychic Mediums Priscilla Keresey and Carla Blaha present two days of interactive, results-oriented practice to develop (and develop confidence in) your natural sixth sense. EVERYONE has the ability to gain intuitive insight into the future, the past, relationships, finances, health, career, and love.

Saturday’s class will focus on tuning into and gaining confidence in your psychic ability. Psychic ability is not a gift, it’s a skill, and just like any skill it can be honed with structured practice. Knowing how we get psychic impressions is an important part of developing the skill, so during this very interactive day the para-senses are explained and experienced so that each participant learns which of these is naturally their strongest. We also learn the difference between a psychic impression and a self-generated thought, and how to discern the kind of information you’re getting. We’ll have multiple opportunities to get and give readings to each other. Bring pictures of loved ones both alive and in spirit.

Sunday’s class focuses on spirit communication, which is connecting to those who have crossed for yourself and others. Like psychic ability, everyone who wants to can develop mediumship. Throughout the day you’ll learn techniques for tuning in and blending with the spirit world and have plenty of opportunity to read for one another individually and on the platform. Carla and Priscilla will be on hand to help you understand the process and build confidence to share whatever information you’re getting.

Saturday’s class is a prerequisite for Sunday’s class. You’ll be giving successful readings by the end of workshop!




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