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7 pm

HALLOWE'EN SPIRIT COMMUNICATION NIGHT with Priscilla Keresey & Carla Blaha

Putnam Valley Grange, 128 Mill Street
$40 at the door

The Dynamic Duo is back again to bring you connections from your loved ones in spirit. Historically and across multiple cultures, this is a magical time of year when ancestors and guides are said to have an easier time contacting the living. Carla and Priscilla will work together to bring you evidence and messages from the Afterlife with our usual compassion and humor. The evening will be recorded and available the following day.

All attendees will be given a link for a free Meet Your Spirit Guides mp3 (normally sells for $12.99).

Sign up for Spirit Guides & Signs workshop at tonight’s event and attend for only $70 (save $9)


Nov. 10

SPIRIT GUIDES & SIGNS WORKSHOP with Priscilla Keresey & Carla Blaha

$79. Registration Required
Email : or to register.

Putnam Valley Grange
128 Mill Street, Putnam Valley

Join Carla Blaha & Priscilla Keresey for an exciting, interactive new workshop. In this 4-hour class you’ll learn how to identify and get to know your spirit guides, how to invite them to communicate with you, and how to initiate dialogue at any time. You’ll also learn how signs from loved ones and guides in spirit can be so much more than random signals of spirit presence. We’ll practice specific, proven self-hypnosis techniques to help prepare your mind to best trustworthy extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Bring a small object/token of any kind. This could be a crystal, a piece of jewelry, a key, or any small object (not too valuable, please). We will teach you to use this item as a conduit to connect to your guides.

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