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Putnam Valley's 9th Annual Psychic Fair

Saturday, October 27th from 11am-4pm
German American Social Club
11 Kramers Pond Road, Putnam Valley, NY


Adam Deion:Crystal Channel, Neo-Shaman, Psychic Reader, Medium, Multi-Dimensional Healer-Teacher | (845)231-4173
Magical Awakening LEVEL 9 Practitioner will be offering the following: relationship, future love & soulmate readings, angel readings, past-life and life-path readings, future time-line readings, shaman card readings, crystal readings, mediumship, energy healings and attunement empowerment initiation.

At the Fair Adam will be charging: $20/15 min. He is able to read up to 22 sitters today.

Barbara Kelley: Spiritual Awakenings, Angel Healing Practitioner, Angel Card Readings, Angel Reiki and Crystal Healing | 845.629.2047 |
Barbara Kelly is an intuitive healer. She began her current journey years ago when she finally listened to spirit calling her to her "Souls Purpose" delivered in the form of an earth angel. Since then she has been working with the Divine and Angelic realms to not only heal herself but anyone in need. Currently she is an Angel Healing Practitioner, AHP. She continues to work on clearing and strengthening her own pathways to the higher realms in order to receive clarity and focus. A process that never ends....
She offers personal Angel Gathering Sessions where her clients receive information, tasks, direction, messages from loved ones, and /or healing that the "Masters" give for the person at that time. Whatever happens during a sessions is exactly what that soul needs to heal and move forward. She has been blessed to pass on messages from the Angels, Angelic Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Energy, and “Sacred Intuitive Healing Hands" among other personalized healing services and workshops. Her vast life experiences have given her the compassion and understanding to assist others in moving forward down their path while continuing to learn and move forward everyday herself. Her soul’s passion is bringing Light where there is darkness - it took her years to understand exactly what that means and she consciously puts it into action every day. **Barbara will also be a vendor at the Fair, so check below to read about her wares!

At the Fair Barbara will be doing her readings outside where she'll have a vendors booth. You will not need to come to the sign-up table; go instead directly to her booth.

Carla Blaha: Medium | 914-924-7153 |
Carla Blaha is a third-generation Intuitive.  Her mother and grandmother both highly intuitive were unfortunately uncomfortable to share their abilities openly. Information was shared behind closed doors due to societies judgments.  Carla had her first intuitive experience at 3 years old, and now works as full time Psychic Medium while raising her three children. Carla teaches various metaphysical classes all over the tri-state area in psychic and Mediumship development, Law of Attraction and creating vision boards. She sees clients individually and in groups, and currently does regular readings and workshops at Synchronicity Brewster, NY, Soulauras Briarcliff, NY, Found Herbal Bronxville, NY and Flowlife Holistic Lounge NYC/Ft. Lauderdale Fla. She is the host of "Believe and Listen with Carla Blaha." Carla offers in person readings and phone readings all over the US.  She is the author of the eBook book Get Your Vibe Back available on Amazon and Kindle and Need Inspiration?  She is currently working on a book to be released 2018 about Mediumship.  She will be sharing her experiences from the Otherside through her work as a Medium.  In addition to her psychic abilities, Carla is also a Reiki Master, a certified Angel Card Reader, and has her MST degree in Teaching. She has published over 40 articles in

At the Fair Carla will be charging: $35/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.

Reverend Dr. Christine Villani: Medium/Psychic | 203-823-3453
Rev. Dr. Christine Villani is a talented medium and psychic. Her mediumship is direct and evidential mediumship. She is clairaudient (hears) and clairvoyant (sees). She brings through your loved ones with messages of love as well as messages from your guides and angels. She has been utilizing her gift for many years. She does private and group readings as well as platform mediumship. She has done advanced studies at the Interspiritual Center in Fairfield, New Jersey and continually advances her skills through various workshops. She is also certified in Reiki 1. Her credentials include a Doctorate in Administration, Policy and Urban Education, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and in Speech and Language as well as a license to Counsel and Ordination as an Interfaith Minister.

At the Fair Christine will be charging: $25/15 min. She is able to read 17 sitters today.

Dannah: Intuitive Photo Readings | 212.229.8092 | or
Dannah is a Professional Intuitive and a Psychic Medium. She has had these abilities all of her life. She has a private practice ( phone & office sessions) and is also on staff as a Psychic Intuitive at The Omega Institute, Menla Mountain Retreat (owned by The Dalia Lama’s organization) & Woodstock Healing Arts. Dannah will take a photo of you on her laptop & then while looking at it, receive important information for & about you. Photos are an easy portal for her to receive information from the spirit realm.  Information may be about you, your partners, career, children, emotional issues, talents, & challenges you might be facing . Dannah is extremely accurate & her messages give clarity & guidance on how to heal, deal & move forward in your life & relationships with more joy & satisfaction.Please bring photos on your phone of anyone you wish to discuss and receive guidance on - most recent best, no sunglasses and eyes looking into the camera. Most people find Dannah’s channeled guidance, information, and suggestions extremely helpful and transformational.

At the Fair, Dannah will be charging $35/15 min. or $65/30 min. Dannah is able to read up to 18 sitters today.

Elena Swan:| 631-680-0957 |
Elena uses her psychic abilities to read your Angel cards, talk to your crossed over loved ones, uncover your Past Lives, give you a Reiki Healing or guide you through deep healing meditations, in person or over the phone. Join her for a healing Angel Card Reading to help you sort out your present so you can have the beautiful future you deserve! She will also have Spiritual Tools for  purchase. Ask Elena for a free gift!

At the Fair Elena will be doing her readings outside where she'll have a vendors booth. You will not need to come to the sign-up table; go instead directly to her booth.

Floy Riley Sidibe: Psychic Intuitive & Healer | 845-399-5415 | your Facebook or Webpage here
Floy Riley is a gifted psychic intuitive and healer. She has been doing healing and intuitive work for 29 years by helping others to relieve stress and worry as well as helping them get a general feel for the future through various divination tools, or by her many healing talents. She is very well rounded and can use various mediums such as tarot, Oracle, or Lenormond cards, the crystal ball, dowsing rods, and pendulums. Floy also excels in doing distance healing works with reiki, etheric surgery, and chakra cleansing and balancing.

At the Fair Floy will be charging: $20/10 min. She is able to read up to 25 sitters today.

JoAnn Fava: Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Crystal Grids | 203-791-1169 |
For over 22 years JoAnn has worked with countless individuals and groups with a variety of questions dealing with career, children, finances, relationships, loved ones (human and animals) who have crossed over, and more. All of us have questions. And all of us have loving guidance to help direct us to our highest and best. Often we are unable to hear the guidance for ourselves. That’s where JoAnn comes in. Using her intuitive impressions and skills, she offers communication from Spirit that might otherwise not be received. Bring her your questions for loving guidance. JoAnn also works with clients in customizing intentional crystal grids for supporting various life situations.
JoAnn is a graduate of The New Seminary and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor. She also is certified as a Certified Elemental Space Clearing® And Red Lotus Mystery School® Practitioner.

At the Fair JoAnn will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.

Karen Shaw: Intuitive Reiki | (914) 522-1297 |
Karen is an Intuitive Reiki Master/Teacher, Shaman, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Ordained Interfaith Minister with 35 years of experience. As a clairsentient, empath and working with the physical body for 35 years, Karen’s intuitive sense helps many bring the body, mind and spirit back into Harmony. Using a vast array of modalities, Karen also brings in her homemade Chakra Sprays to assist in the healing process. The human body requires a continuous flow of life force energy to sustain optimal health. Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle bodies energies and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies. Karen is also an aromatherapist, and owner of BodySculpt Naturals.

At the Fair Karen will be charging: $25/15 min. She is able to work with 15 sitters today.

Kathleen James: Medium - Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Certified Healer and Angel Therapy Practitioner | (845) 709-4089 |
Each reading is based on what the individual needs to hear from the spirit world whether it is from a deceased loved one, spiritual healing and attunement or advice from the spirit realm. Kathleen James has over 35 years experience and has had extensive training contacting spirit and the higher realms. She is a natural psychic who has trained with International mediums: John Johnson at the Arthur Findlay College in England, Rev. Janet Nohavec from the Journey Within, Tony Stockwell and the Rev. William Daut.  She has recently completed her studies with the Morris Pratt Institute.   

At the Fair Kathleen will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.  

Laura Schek: Psychic Medium, Reiki Master |845-224-1767 | |
As a Certified Psychic Medium (LWISSD) and Reiki Master, Laura is able to provide her clients with messages from deceased loved ones, life path direction and clarity, and spiritual and energetic healing.  After an appointment with Laura, her clients have stated that they are able to make better life decisions, finally be at peace and find closure with the death of a loved one, and feel more relaxed and refreshed.  She has honed her clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant skills with the guidance of world renowned mediums including Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, John Holland and Tony Stockwell.  At Laura’s office, Celestial Touch Reiki and Readings, located at 7 Arch Street, Pawling, NY, clients can schedule private and small group readings as well as Reiki/Energy Healing sessions in ½ hour and hour appointments.  Laura also offers phone readings.

At the Fair Laura will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.

Lorraine E. Cucci: Medical Intuitive Healing, Reiki | 914-489-9149 |
Lorraine has an extensive background as a Registered Nurse, as well as an Energetic Intuitive Specialist, Her passion and purpose has always been to assist and help others with their illness or challenges. This mindset has enabled Lorraine to assist her clients in realizing the full potential of empowering themselves to heal and seek wellness from within. Lorraine’s energy healing consists of treatment techniques that address the root cause of your ailment and can assist you and release the blockages that get in the way - those in our bodies contained in our chakras and auric fields (energy center). Once these blockages are released, you can begin to feel a profound movement of energy and flow throughout your entire being. 

Lorraine has been providing her private sessions at the Crystal Essence shop in Great Barrington, NH and can also schedule private sessions at her office in Pleasant Valley, NY or New Paltz, NY. Lorraine also offers sessions via phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Clients have given Lorraine high praise regarding answers to their issues, ailments and or blockages and how to move forward in their lives. In addition to her Intuitive abilities, Lorraine is a Usui Reiki Master practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Integrative Healthcare practitioner and can provide modalities such as Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Aromatherapy treatments.

At the Fair Lorraine will be charging: $35/20 min. She is able to read 12 sitters today.

Lucy Marcella: Tarot
914-747-9059 |
Lucy is an experienced tarot reader, a hypnotist and NLP practitioner. She's been a reader at the Fair for years and is always a popular choice for our guests.

At the Fair Lucy will be charging: $20/10 min. She is able to read 10-15 sitters today.

Luna Hacker: Channel of Spirit, Witch, Healer | 845-233-0999 |
Luna can be heard on "The Woodman in the Morning Show" K104.7FM. She is returning to our Fair once again this year, and in addition to giving her spectacular readings, Luna will have a table outside selling her wares.

At the Fair Luna will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 20 sitters today.

Maureen Stark: Palm Reader | 914.438.3133
Each palm offers the owner a glimpse into their present, past, and future. Each person has a unique set of lines on their palm that guide Maureen's interpretation of your energy. At times she senses people (and pets) who have passed.

At the Fair Maureen will be charging: $20/10 min. She is able to read 25 sitters today.

Priscilla Keresey, Psychic Medium, Minister, Hypnotist, Author | 914-672-9741 | Facebook/APracticalPsychic
Priscilla lives and works in Putnam Valley, helping clients in person and over the phone, offering Message Circles and classes on developing your own Extrasensory Perception. She is the author of theseries "Live & Learn Guides" series ( and regularly appears on television and radio to talk about how accessible everyone's ESP can be. Her best-selling books "It Will All Make Sense When You're Dead," "Nobody Gets Out of This Alive," and "The Live & Learn Guide to Unveiling Your Psychic Powers -- Never Before Told Secrets of a Psychic Medium" will be available for sale, as well as the companion self-hypnosis CDs "Developing Your Personal ESP" and "Meeting Your Spirit Guides."

At the Fair Priscilla will be charging: $35/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.

Sandra: Psychic Readings by Sandra | (646)221-9959 |
Specializing in love and relationship; over 35 years of experience; palm reading, tarot card reading, psychic reading, crystal reading, chakra therapy, aura cleansing, available for parties and gatherings. I'm able to tell your past, present, and future love, business and marriage

At the Fair Sandra will be charging: $35/15 min. She is able to read up to 20 sitters today.

Shelley & Leslie: Pastiche Tarot & Palm Reader |
Shelley and Leslie work as a team to read your cards and your palm for an all-inclusive, very insightful session. Be sure to sign up early because this team is extremely popular at the Fair!

At the Fair Shelley & Leslie will be charging: $25/15 min. They are able to read 13 sitters today.

Stacey Decea, CSW: Evidential Psychic Medium | 914-588-6196 |
Stacey Decea, CSW, is an Evidential Psychic Medium who is able to bring forth recognizable evidence and messages that your loved ones, in spirit, are truly communicating with you. Stacey began her spiritual journey in earnest in 2013 after  becoming keenly alert to the spirit world and began  a course of study to facilitate her development as an evidential psychic medium. Stacey has studied with John Holland, Brian Robertson, Simon James, Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz and the  renowned Medium Reverend Janet Nohavec. Stacey is a graduate of the Journey Within School for Mediumship. Since 2015, she has continued her training under the guidance of Janet Nohavec’s in her weekly development group. Stacey  is also a Reiki ll practitioner. She has a B.S. In Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. While not providing Psychological  or Social Work services, Stacey feels strongly that the skills she has acquired from her education and professional experiences enhance her readings. She is available for private readings, group readings and demonstrations.

At the Fair Stacey will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 15 sitters today.

Theresa: Angel Card Readings |
With an open heart, Theresa connects with Angels to bring messages, insight and healing. She is passionate about her work, and her goal is to help heal, coach and empower you to move in a forward direction on your life path. Angel messages are a powerful tool when you’re seeking spiritual guidance in your life. Angel cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions. They provide encouragement and positive affirmations for whatever challenges you face. Theresa is from Long island and reads weekly at Tranquility Within ~ Patchogue NY and monthly at Glowing Energy ~ Miller Place NY.

At the Fair Theresa will be charging: $20/15 min. She is able to read 6 sitters today.

Vivi Stockwell: Professional Psychic, Spirit Medium, Healer, Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Master Numerologist and Dowser | 201-767-8286 |
Together with Spirit Vivi can answer questions about love, health, finances and career through the use of Cards or her pendulum and charts to connect with High Self.
She can connect to bring about healing and support from God, Angels of Light, the Holy Spirit and more. Vivi can answer “yes/no” questions from your loved ones who have crossed over or they can send you a message through an oracle card they choose for you. She can also answer questions about your pets who are both here and in the afterlife. As a Spiritual Clearing Facilitator she can directly with your own High Self (Higher Intelligence) to identify, clear & replace negative programs from this life, parallel lives and past lives. Vivi accesses your own subconscious programs, limiting beliefs and harmful energies, then replaces them with positive programs to clear your Soul Records (also known as your Akashic Records). Her book“Know Your Numbers, Pathways & Cycles to Spiritual Truth” will be available for sale, or you can order it on or Kindle version. (Lecturas en español)

At the Fair Vivi will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 14 sitters today.

Zhenya Amditis, Ph.D.: tarot spiritual consultant, spirit medium, fairy & angelic realm interpreter, past-life consultant | 914-257-3663 |
Zhenya has been communicating with the spirit realm since the age of three. Today, not only does she possess academic research and training in the occult arts, but she also has approximately 30 years of experience helping people to answer life's questions through the tarot. Recently, her mediumship skills expanded to include not only spirits, ascended masters, and angels, but also fairies! Whatever is on your mind, Zhenya will try her best to find additional information for you via the tarot or from your spirit friends. It's always interesting to see who might show up during a reading. Zhenya offers phone, Skype, or in-person readings or workshops on tarot or spirit mediumship. For more information, contact Zhenya at the number or email above.

At the Fair Zhenya will be charging: $30/15 min. She is able to read 21 sitters today.


Alyssa Heins: NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and Wholistic Healer
(845)249-0920 |
Alyssa's Occupational Therapy Associates Degree led her into the light of Reiki where she became a Master and has practiced for over 8 years. She has since studied under John F. Barnes and his Myofascial Release Techniques, is inspired by Access Consciousness and is a facilitator of Access 'The Bars'. Alyssa has experience working with all age groups and with a vast variety of diagnoses. She is ecstatic to bring Healing to another level with the allowance and openness of her clients. Alyssa's love for hands-on body work, her background in Occupational Therapy and her awareness of subtle energies, play out in a lovely, unique and skillful manor to accelerate her clients

Barbara Kelley: Spiritual Awakenings, Angel Healing Practitioner, Angel Card Readings, Angel Reiki and Crystal Healing | 845.629.2047 |
In addition to her intuitive healing work (see above), Barbara will be selling both rough and polished crystals. You'll find pendants, rings, spheres, skulls, chakra pendants, wands, incense holders, angel statues, and more!

Diana Perrella: Amazing Food!
Diana will be selling her delicious homemade pumpkin soup , along with her grandmothers homemade bread, homemade chili, hot dogs, and my special treats. Come on by and give her soup a try!

Holly Conklin: Photographer of Nature, Birds, Wildlife, Birds of Prey, Landscapes and Sunsets

Jessica Kennedy: Cellar Door | 845-216-3374 |
"Pop Culture That Pops" Hand painted and decoupage stone tile coasters and hand painted wine glasses all ready for use. Putting the Fun in Functional! Special orders available.

Laura (Ghost Siren) | |
Laura sells all kinds of magical goodies such as Flower Crowns, Jewelry, Homemade Candles, Wreaths/Home Decor, and other magical trinkets.

Linda DeFeo Cascioli: WhiteHorse Hand Craft | 845-661-1511
Nicholas and Linda create jewelry from a place within their hearts after carefully choosing naturally occurring semi precious stones and crystals. Their craft is guided by our love of the natural and awesome orchestration of atoms moving closer together to form these symmetrical, ordered, three-dimensional unique formations called crystals!!! Their creations reflect the natural state of these stones and crystals in complementary “wearable” art forms. How could these works of natural art not contain spiritual and/or psychic energies? More than 5000 years ago the first spiritual leaders among early civilizations recognized and acknowledged the inherent mystic draw of crystals. WhiteHorse Hand Craft offers many combinations of stone and polished crystal in their earrings, necklaces and bracelets.If you are not drawn to something special from the collection, they would be honored to craft a piece of jewelry to your specifications!

Liz Swan: “Wisdom Wellness” doTERRA Essential Oils | 914-806-7134
Liz Swan is an educator of natural healthcare solutions and will be offering free aromatherapy experiences and consultations at her booth. She is the co-owner of Wisdom Wellness which she runs and operates with her wife and partner, Elena Swan. They use doTERRA essential oils to help people achieve optimal health naturally regardless of their current state of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Stop by for a free gift!

Luna Hacker: Channel of Spirit, Witch, Healer | 845-233-0999 |

MaryEllen Staten: Photographer
Capturing Spirit of Nature, Landscapes. Energy Power Prints, a useful tool for meditation and relaxation. 

Valerie Probst: Our Gift Within
 Valerie is an Intuitive Healer/ Reiki Master. She has been studying for 4 years as an Intuitive Healer and 6 years as a Reiki Master, and holds a certificate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and doTerra Aroma touch Technique, a long with being a Tuning Fork Practitioner. She will be selling her homemade Chakra sprays! Her unique sprays are made with rain water, essential oils, infused crystals and are full moon charged! Come by and test these uplifting scents and balance your Chakras!!

Would you like to be a vendor or reader next year? Call Priscilla at 914-672-9741



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