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Putnam Valley's 7th Annual Psychic Fair

Saturday, October 15th from 11am-4pm
German American Social Club
11 Kramers Pond Road, Putnam Valley, NY

This year Psychic Readers will be inside, vendors outside, in order to reduce the noise level. There may be sign-up sheets for the readers in advance (check with each psychic by email or phone number, below), and at the Fair. If you'd like to be a vendor (not a reader, those slots are full), please contact Priscilla at 914-672-9741


Priscilla Keresey, Psychic Medium, Minister, Hypnotist, Author | 914-672-9741 | Facebook/APracticalPsychic
Priscilla lives and works in Putnam Valley, helping clients in person and over the phone, offering Message Circles and classes on developing your own Extrasensory Perception. She is the author of theseries "Live & Learn Guides" series ( and regularly appears on television and radio to talk about how accessible everyone's ESP can be. Her best-selling books "It Will All Make Sense When You're Dead," "Nobody Gets Out of This Alive," and "The Live & Learn Guide to Unveiling Your Psychic Powers -- Never Before Told Secrets of a Psychic Medium" will be available for sale, as well as the companion self-hypnosis CDs "Developing Your Personal ESP" and "Meeting Your Spirit Guides."

Lorraine E. Cucci: Medical Intuitive Healing, Reiki | 914-489-9149
Lorraine is a Registered Nurse, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist and Medical Intuitive Practitioner. As a nurse for over 30 years, Lorraine has always been a natural healer incorporating the ability of easing the pain of emotional and physical difficulties for her patients and her clients. Through the practice of Reiki, she can assist her clients by promoting healing comfort, stress reduction, and accelerated healing.

As a Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Lorraine will help you move beyond the aches and pains and disease state. She scans the body in order to assist you in discovering the source of your illness (she does not diagnose any illness). By understanding the essence beneath a person's issues and struggles, she can allow the person to understand their problems and seek resolutions.

Elena Swan:Angel Card Readings & Spiritual Tools | 631.680.0957 | Facebook/Connectionswithelena |
LOST ON YOUR PATH? Elena will guide you! Elena Swan, is a Spiritual Advisor, Psychic, Medium, Teacher & Reiki Master Healer. She has been sent here to share her gifts from above with people that need healing and guidance. Elena offers Angel Card Readings & Parties, private meditation sessions, Reiki healing & the Connections Center. Everything encountered will be blessed by your Angels, Spirit Guides & others from the light. Elena will introduce you to all of these light beings, teach you about their special gifts and how they can assist you daily. Each of her unique experiences will give you a well deserved healing and exactly what you need to change your life!

Crystals, salt candle holders, incense, pendulums, bracelets, necklaces, special essential oils and much more! Including a RAFFLE FOR A FREE ANGEL CARD READING!

Shelley Standish-Pociejowski: Pastiche Tarot |
Shelley is an aspiring writer with a mission to share the things that manifest in her thoughts, dreams and life. Her inspiration comes from the whimsical storytellers in her family. Tales of spiritual awakening, spooky occurrences,prophetic dreams,miracles and so on have been retold and passed down generation to generation. The effects of oral tradition in her life is not just the "when I was your age..." purported event,it is a vibrating energy that resonates in her mind body and soul. Shelley likes to share the gifts she has been so privileged to receive with whoever wants to read or listen!

Barbara Kelley: Spiritual Awakenings, Angel Healing Practitioner, Angel Card Readings, Angel Reiki and Crystal Healing | 845.629.2047 |
Barbara Kelly is an intuitive healer. She began her current journey years ago when she finally listened to spirit calling her to her "Souls Purpose" delivered in the form of an earth angel. Since then she has been working with the Divine and Angelic realms to not only heal herself but anyone in need. Currently she is an Angel Healing Practitioner, AHP. She continues to work on clearing and strengthening her own pathways to the higher realms in order to receive clarity and focus. A process that never ends....
She offers personal Angel Gathering Sessions where her clients receive information, tasks, direction, messages from loved ones, and /or healing that the "Masters" give for the person at that time. Whatever happens during a sessions is exactly what that soul needs to heal and move forward. She has been blessed to pass on messages from the Angels, Angelic Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Energy, and “Sacred Intuitive Healing Hands" among other personalized healing services and workshops. Her vast life experiences have given her the compassion and understanding to assist others in moving forward down their path while continuing to learn and move forward everyday herself.
Her soul’s passion is bringing Light where there is darkness - it took her years to understand exactly what that means and she consciously puts it into action every day.

Maureen Stark: Palm Reader
mmstark59@gmail | 914-438-3133
As a college student, Maureen was given the opportunity to volunteer as a Palmist at the school’s Psychic Fair. Her intuitiveness and skill was able to express itself easily through this medium. She has continued this connection with individuals through palmistry in the Westchester area for the last 20 years. As a resident of Yorktown Heights, Maureen is a teacher of young children with special needs, primarily children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In her work, her hands play a key role in therapy and diagnostics. “I can feel my way into a child’s mind.” Mother of three, Maureen is an avid dancer and occasional painter. “I feel our palms offer us a window, an opportunity to better understand ourselves and to discover our gifts."

Lucia Marcella: 5-Star Intuitive and Tarot Reader
Lucia has an international client base and is known as a 5 star Intuitive and Tarot Reader. She is often a Headliner at gatherings of the nation's foremost, and most infamous, psychic investigators, clairvoyants, seers, holistic healers and channelers. Her readings are uplifting, spiritually comforting and yet quite down to Earth and useful. She works with government officials, celebrities, everyday people, and is often a radio guest and television personality throughout the tri-state area.Lucia is a Master Tarot Teacher, Master Success Coach, Master Hypnotist and Master NLP practitioner; all powerful tools that use techniques for mind, body and spirit which help improve your life, health, relationships, income and career. She owns and operates a private practice in Pleasantville, New York and is a speaker, trainer and workshop leader. Lucia has been using her gift since she was a child and has also studied at Omega Institute, and with Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, Dr. Judith Orloff, Brian Weiss and other Masters.

Bob Buchanon:Caulbearer/Medium | 914.879.1115 |
Born with a vale on his face, a sign of psychic abilities Bob under stood from a very early age he was different. At the age of 8 is when Bob began to see strong visions of the future and of things to come. Not understanding exactly what was happening Bob ignored them, thinking it was simply his imagination. As he grew older they were more timely, he knew within a half hour when something was going to happen, but continued to ignore the messages until recently, when he began to receive strong messages & visions from beyond for others.
Bob receives calls worldwide, as well as all over the country & Canada; his clients come to him almost exclusively through referrals. Loved ones or souls for others come from beyond to Bob no matter where he is. Bob will tell you, the messages come for people sitting next to him or walking by. “I never know when they will come, they just find me”.
When Bob does a session, he always gets messages from beyond that are positive. Bob never asks his client questions nor will he allow them to give him much information until it’s established who is coming through and why they are here.
The messages are up lifting and healing for those receiving them, Bob considers himself a healer as much as a caulbearer, He is thankful for his gifts which allow him to help others at a time of need.

Zhenya Amditis, Ph.D.: tarot spiritual consultant, spirit medium, fairy & angelic realm interpreter, past-life consultant | 914-257-3663 |
Zhenya has been communicating with the spirit realm since the age of three. Today, not only does she possess academic research and training in the occult arts, but she also has approximately 30 years of experience helping people to answer life's questions through the tarot. Recently, her mediumship skills expanded to include not only spirits, ascended masters, and angels, but also fairies! Whatever is on your mind, Zhenya will try her best to find additional information for you via the tarot or from your spirit friends. It's always interesting to see who might show up during a reading. Zhenya offers phone, Skype, or in-person readings or workshops on tarot or spirit mediumship. For more information, contact Zhenya at the number or email above.

JoAnn Fava: Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Crystal Grids  | 203-791-1169 |
For over 20 years JoAnn has worked with countless individuals and groups with a variety of questions dealing with career, children, finances, relationships, loved ones (human and animals) who have crossed over, and more. All of us have questions. And all of us have loving guidance to help direct us to our highest and best. Often we are unable to hear the guidance for ourselves. That’s where JoAnn comes in. Using her intuitive impressions and skills, she offers communication from Spirit that might otherwise not be received. Bring her your questions for loving guidance. JoAnn also works with clients in customizing intentional crystal grids for supporting various life situations.
JoAnn is a graduate of The New Seminary and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor.

Stacey Decea, CSW: Evidential Psychic Medium
Using her abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) , clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing), Stacey is able to bring forth recognizable evidence and messages that your loved ones, in spirit, are truly communicating with you. Stacey has had psychic abilities since childhood. Sixteen years ago, after the sudden death of her grandmother, Stacey began to understand her mediumistic abilities when her grandmother visited her in a vivid dream. Stacey began her spiritual journey in earnest several years ago after becoming keenly alert to the spirit world and began a course of study to facilitate her development as an evidential psychic medium. Stacey has studied under A Practical Psychic Priscilla Keresey, famed Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz and the renowned Medium Reverend Janet Nohavec.
Stacey is a graduate of the Journey Within School for Mediumship and continues her training under the guidance of Janet Nohavec. She is also a Reiki ll practitioner. Stacey has a B.S. In Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. While not providing Psychological or Social Work services, Stacey feels strongly that the skills she has acquired from her education and professional experiences enhance her readings.

Lucy Gordon: Astrologer
Having always been interested in Astrology, the opportunity to learn came 23 years ago, when one of Lucy’s friends gave her a gift of an Astrology reading. That reading, in essence, gave Lucy the permission to follow a path she was always interested in, but never felt she could ever actualize in her lifetime. As a student of Astrology, and a massage therapist, she began her astrology practice working with her massage clients to help them understand the physical difficulties they were dealing with based on their birth chart. Her discussions with her clients, about these issues, lead to full astrology readings and to referrals. Today her Astrology work includes reading and teaching astrology in bookstores, at psychic fairs, and doing private readings. She also continues to actively work with and teach others interested in Astrology.
Her belief is that Astrology can help us understand who we truly are, what our personal journey is about, as well as understanding problems during our difficult times.

Rona Levine: Intuitive/Channel, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Creator of Healing Pillows, Works with Essential Oils | 914.419.8693
A Session With Rona Can Include:channeled information from spirit, help with connecting you with loved ones who have passed over, a reading of your energy field and hands on healing, assessment of issues and patterns in your life from an energetic perspective, meditations, affirmation, essential oils and other tools are offered to help you continue to work on issues that you would like to help heal.
~ channeled information from spirit
~ help with connecting you with loved ones who have passed over
~ a reading of your energy field and hands on healing
~ assessment of issues and patterns in your life from an energetic perspective
~ meditations, affirmation, essential oils and other tools are offered to help you continue to work on issues that you would like to help heal

Dannah: Intuitive Photo Readings | 212.229.8092 |
Dannah is a psychic/ Intuitive/Medium and in addition to her private practice, she is currently working on staff as an Intuitive at The Omega Institute.
Dannah will take a quick photo of you on her laptop, which is deleted before you leave, and then she looks at your photo and intuits accurate and helpful information & guidance to help you heal, deal, and move forward in your life. She receives psychic guidance regarding your emotions, relationships, & challenges you may be facing.  She also can receive information about partners, children and people close to you so feel free to bring and show her your photos on your phone!
An Intuitive Photo Reading with Dannah will be especially helpful if you want to:
 -Break through emotional blocks that hold you back
-Understand yourself better
-Gain clarity-Receive guidance to help you sort out your life and your emotions
-Gain valuable insights about yourself and your relationships
-Heal and make changes to become more balanced and whole
People often say one session with Dannah is more effective than months of therapy and that her guidance and suggestion are often transformational and very helpful.  Her intuitive readings give clarity and practical steps that you can take to create the life that you hope for and help you to become your best self.

Adam Deion: Crystal Channel, Neo-Shaman, Psychic Reader, Multi-Dimensional Healer-Teacher
Receive a personal Life Reading based upon a series of crystals-stones you draw from the Oracle... This can be considered a type of crystal-stone psychometry... What comes forth may include but is not limited to guidance on your career, destiny, life purpose, relationships, dreams, finances, soul mates, angels, guides, animal guides, past lives, vacation destinations, and how to expand your healing abilities and psychic gifts if it is your path... note: Adam can offer different types readings by directly scanning your aura... Crystals, stones, cards are not a necessity... Those who are interested can also bring a personal object of choice and receive a psychometry reading... Adam Deion is also a Master - Teacher offering classes in Cosmic-Universal Living Light Energy, Sekhem-Seichim, Reiki, Karuna, Shamballa, and Blue Star... Most recently he has developed his own system of spiritual energy-based healing called "Awaken Healing Energies" which combines many of his talents from different areas and offers his clients-students the next step in their healing process and empowers them to become energy-based healers.

Vivi Stockwell: Psychic, Master Numerologist, Akashic Record & Chackra Clearing, Energy Balancing, Angel Card Reader | 201-767-8286 | | Spanish language site
Vivi's readings are an invitation to connect to the Divine as a transformational tool to offer insights into ones own journey, as well as an opportunity to release negative energy, blocks and programs. Become more clear, learn techniques to be shielded from harsh energies, feel inspired and be empowered to connect to ones best self.
She is a Certified Energy Healer, Intuitive Teacher, Author, Artist and Master Numerologist. Vivi is also an Advanced Certified Angel Card Reader and Realm Reader trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Born in South America, Vivi is able to do all her readings in English or Spanish.Her book "Know Your Numbers: Pathways & Cycles To Spiritual Truth" is available on and it shares her unique understanding of the deep meaning of Numerology. It includes channeled affirmations from Spirit that assist the reader in connecting with their true purpose in life. The Spanish language version of her book ("Conoce Tus Números: Caminos y Ciclos Hacia La Verdad Espiritual") has just been released on to bring her healing messages to an even wider audience.

Bernadette Bloom: Medical Intuitive, Licensed Physical Therapist | 239-289-3744 |
Bernadette is a medical intuitive, teacher, practitioner and a licensed physical therapist for 38 plus yrs. She has studied with osteopaths at Michigan State. In 1996 she completed Dr. Caroline Myss’ and Dr. Norm Shealy’s Intuition Training Program. Bernadette has a rich background in Tai Chi, Reiki, meditation and shamanic teachings. She was involved with a National Institute of Health (NIH) sponsored study dealing with The Effects of Distant Healing on a Rare Form of Brain Cancer. An Esoteric Healing practitioner since 1992, She began teaching in 1999. Bernadette teaches nationally and internationally and has clients all over the world. Bernadette is the founder of the JJ Esoteric Foundation, a 501c3 as well as the Center for Aligned Healing in Chappaqua, NY. The only one of its kind in the country.

The type of energy medicine I practice is called Esoteric Healing. It's a high vibrational energetic technique that quickly easily and naturally balances your body's bio-electric field.Traumas or conflicts from the past or current situations can be quickly resolved. I ask for the highest and best good to happen. You will then act in accordance with a higher consciousness, with greater inner insights and a broader perspective. Life will be easier for you!

Alyssa Heins: Energetic Healer using Access Consciousness 'The Bars'
(845)249-0920 |
Alyssa's Occupational Therapy Associates Degree led her into the light of Reiki where she became a Master and has practiced for over 5 years. She has since studied under John F. Barnes and his Myofascial Release Techniques, is inspired by Access Consciousness and is a practitioner of Access 'The Bars', and is currently studying to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Alyssa has experience working with all age groups and with a vast variety of diagnoses. She is ecstatic to bring Healing to another level with the allowance and openness of her clients. Access Consciousness 'The Bars' is a simple, hands-on technique that allows the mind to 'defrag' and reset when different points on the head are lightly touched. Our mind is often a dumping ground for thoughts, feelings and emotions. Like a computer, we hit overload and this can cause illness, stress and even physical pain in the body. People often receive 'The Bars' to increase ease with Money, Addiction/Recovery, Trauma, Abuse, Anxiety, Physical Discomfort, Making Decisions/Clarity of Mind (just to name a few)... What else is possible for you...?

Melissa Candia: Clairvoyant, Medium, Angel Card Reader
Melissa grew up in Westchester County. Psychic gifts run in her family, including her father, brother and sister. Since Childhood, Melissa has connected with those who have crossed over. Growing up with a gift was not easy, especially because it wasn't acknowledged and understood. As an adult, Melissa has accepted her abilities and uses Angel Cards as an extra tool. She is also known as the "Shy Clairvoyant". Melissa is a wife, mom of three, and a Minister. She will be graduating in December with her degree in Nursing.

April Riley: Intuitive Psychic Medium, Channel of Spirit, Spiritual Life Coach
April "Orry" is a born intuitive and oracle who will use her gifts of Ontuition, Clairaudience, Clairsentience along with the Oracle and Lenormand cards as a guide to help you get the answers you are searching for. "Orry" connects to your Ancestors, Guides, Spirits and Angels to share their messages with you. "Orry's" guides help her focus on what you need to know now! She imparts honest and clear messages with no-sugar coating!

Skye: Psychic Medium
Skye can be found at The Awareness Shop, 180 Main St. New Paltz, NY | | 845-255-5756
What messages do your loved ones have for you? As a psychic medium, Skye has the ability to become the communication link between the spiritual and physical worlds. With a sincere respect for your unique journey in life, Skye uses her gifts to shed light into your options- offering a deeper perspective, comforting guidance, and a fresh outlook in which to handle your current circumstances. You will have more information in which to follow the path that you (and only you) can choose.

Maureen Hill: Angel Intuitive, Energy Healer | |
Maureen is an angel intuitive, and energy healer. With the help of my spirit guide, Victoria, I use different modalities to help my clients through divine messages and intuitive guidance. When I do a reading or a healing, I am spiritually guided to communicate information or energy to the knowledge seeker; I am a conduit and not the creative source of the information or energy. My spiritual process involves working with spirit guides, angels, and archangels. The Ascended Masters I connect to include Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael as well as my client’s guardian angels. Although, I have been clairvoyant since birth, I have sought to improve my abilities to help others, including obtaining a Master’s degree in Intuitive Healing, and certification as a Third degree Reiki Master and Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader.


Linda DeFeo Cascioli and Nicholas Andrew Cascioli: WhiteHorse Hand Craft | 845-661-1511
Nicholas and Linda create jewelry from a place within their hearts after carefully choosing naturally occurring semi precious stones and crystals. Their craft is guided by our love of the natural and awesome orchestration of atoms moving closer together to form these symmetrical, ordered, three-dimensional unique formations called crystals!!! Their creations reflect the natural state of these stones and crystals in complementary “wearable” art forms. How could these works of natural art not contain spiritual and/or psychic energies? More than 5000 years ago the first spiritual leaders among early civilizations recognized and acknowledged the inherent mystic draw of crystals. WhiteHorse Hand Craft offers many combinations of stone and polished crystal in their earrings, necklaces and bracelets.If you are not drawn to something special from the collection, they would be honored to craft a piece of jewelry to your specifications!

Diana Perrella: Amazing, delicious snacks! | 914.227.0512
Diana will be offering Hot Pumpkin Spiced Nuts, Nuttela hot cocoa, candy, cookies, cupcakes, and trail mix. Perfect to nosh on while waiting for your reading!

Diane Schips: Owner and formulator of Green Fire Herbs | 914 |
Diane makes and sells handmade herbal products. Her product line includes bath and body products (soaps, lotions, a facial line, a foot line, scrubs, etc.), pet products, first aid products and more. A passionate herbalist, Diane uses natural ingredients including herbs, essential oils, unrefined oils and butters, sugar, salts, clays, and natural fibers to formulate superior products for you to enjoy. Stop by and say hello.  Sign up for our mailing list for the chance to win one lotion or three soaps of your choice!

Also featuring: Shira Adler, Nicole DeDomenico, Jennifer Kutruf, Eva DeMarco, Denise Funaro

Would you like to be a vendor or reader? Call Priscilla at 914-672-9741

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