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Message Circle Records

The links below direct you to MP3s of Message Circles recorded on the date noted. By clicking on the date of the Message Circle you attended, you will be able to download or play the entire file. Please be advised that these are very large files, and if you're downloading them it may take several minutes.

The Message Circle at the top is the most recent.

I ask that you not copy or distribute the recordings -- though sharing them with family or friends is okay -- as those who attended, while anonymous, may not want their private messages out beyond the circle of other sitters.

Message Circle in Croton-on-Hudson: 1/21/18

Message Circle in New City: 1/21/18

Message Circle in White Plains: 1/11/18

-------- 2017 Message Circles --------

Message Circle in Middletown, CT: 12/11/17

Spirit Communication Night in Putnam Valley: 12/8/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 11/1/17

Spirit Communication Night at Coffee-Deli:: 10/28/17

Spirit Communication Night in Charleston: 10/27/17

Message Circle in Bloomfield, NJ: 10/21/17

Message Circle in Piermont: 10/20/17

Message Circle in Roaring Brook: 9/30/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 9/273/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 9/23/17

Message Circle in Lake Peeskill: 09/10/17

Spirit Communication Night at Watsons Restaurant in Putnam Valley: 8/16/17
Unfortunately the last 30 mins or so was not recorded due to battery failure :(

Message Circle via FaceTime in CT: 7/24/17

Spirit Communication Night in Briarcliff Manor: 7/10/17

Message Circle in Blauvelt: 7/5/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 6/25/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 6/24/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 6/20/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 6/8/17

Message Circle in Wappingers Falls: 5/6/17

Spirit Communication Night at Watson's Restaurant in Putnam Valley, NY: 4/26/17

Spirit Communication Night in Arlington, MA: 4/21/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 4/13/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 3/26/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 3/19/17

Message Circle in Bedford Hills: 3/18/17

Message Circle in Croton: 3/9/17

Message Circle in Ridgefield, CT: 3/4/17

Spirit Communication Night in Atlanta, GA: 2/24/17

Spirit Communication Night in Charleston, SC: 2/23/17

Message Circle in Briarcliff Manor: 2/13/17

Message Circle in Lake Peekskill: 1/12/17

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